Have Suit, Will Travel

enRoute, December 2008

1. The entire suit is hand-stitched, but it’s the stitching on the facing (the lapels) that helps keep the canvas in place. Hand-stitching makes the suit soft and light, avoiding the stiffness of fused fabrics – a pitfall of even the finest off-the-rack suits.

2. A high-twist fabric looks good from boarding to boardroom. This suit is made of Zegna’s Traveller Micronsphere, a superfine Australian wool that uses nanotech- nology to keep its shape and resist stains.

3. High armholes are not only in fashion, they also offer more comfort by giving you extra room to manoeuvre.

4. With surgeon’s cuffs, you can roll up your sleeves and get down to business – or just stay cool – anytime.

5. A secure inner waistband pocket lets you leave the fanny pack at home and keep your cash where it’s safest – in your pants.

6. A long, thin pocket fits your pen perfectly; the gabardine lining means that even if it leaks, your jacket’s safe.

7. With many pockets – including this left inner pocket, sized to hold your BlackBerry – and a slightly looser cut around the chest, you can carry the essentials.

8. The pure silk lining offers comfort, not to mention a colourful touch of personal flair that makes the inside count.

9. A double-vented blazer is better for sitting, as vents allow the fabric to lie naturally rather than tug on your shoulders.

10. Have your tailor make the right inner breast pocket nine inches in length – large enough to accommodate a boarding pass and passport.

Top Tailors

Harry Rosen
Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton
The Canadian institution recently opened a bespoke lounge above its Bloor Street flagship in Toronto. Under the aegis of master tailor Nello Sansone, customers in Toronto and Montreal can purchase a handmade suit that’s as much a work of art as it is an article of clothing. The suit we feature here was custom-made by Harry Rosen.

Henry Poole
The original Savile Row tailor has been around for nearly 200 years, outfitting the elite in Scottish tweed, Yorkshire cashmere and other fine fabrics. Its experts embark on quarterly journeys, taking measurements for clients every- where from San Francisco to Tokyo.

Turnbull & Asser
London, New York, Los Angeles
Though this tailor shop built its reputation in London, it wasn’t until it expanded to New York and to Beverly Hills that it rose to international prominence. Turnbull & Asser is known for punching up conserva- tive looks with bright colours.

W.W. Chan
Hong Kong, Shanghai
For over 50 years, W. W. Chan and his sons have been dressing Hong Kong’s deal makers in suits made with European fabrics and Asian precision. With a satellite store in Shanghai, W. W. Chan also arranges fit- tings throughout the U.S.

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