Jesus Walks

Nylon Guys, Summer 2009

“This is one of the biggest moments of my life!” So declared Kanye West – a man whose life is full of big moments – when he arrived to the Louis Vuitton fall ’09 show in Paris this past January. It was a bold statement, but understandable: The show marked the debut of the sneakers West designed in collaboration with his favorite brand, and will launch in Louis Vuitton stores this June. The kicks come in striking colors (the fire-truck red version, below, appeared on the LV runway and the distinguishing detail is a conspicuous, quilted collar on the heel, which was inspired by the wardrobe in the film Dune, and which offers a handy place to tuck your jeans into. To West’s credit, the silhouette is a relatively classic one. For a guy who’s been interested in design since the fourth grade, and who was recently rumored to be seeking a designer internship, the shoes represent an auspicious foray into the world of fashion. It’s one you can be sure he won’t be quick to leave.

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