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Brick by Brick

Reporter, September 2012
Home to bicycle workshops, gardening seminars and Toronto’s largest farmers’ market, Evergreen Brick Works has come a long, long way from its industrial roots.

Quay to Success

Reporter, November 2013
Grand plans are afoot for Toronto’s unique Queen’s Quay area, and the Waterfront BIA is on hand to ensure that local businesses boom.

In Bad Haste

Toro Magazine, June 2006
This year, Hollywood will release two feature films about 9/11. What's next?

Is this the Face of Hollywood’s Next A-Lister?

The Globe and Mail, June 1, 2007
Vancouver native Seth Rogen gets his big break playing a schlub who gets the girl, then gets the girl pregnant.

The Essence of Adolescence

National Post, January 4, 2006
To play George Michael Bluth on the sitcom Arrested Development, Michael Cera acts as nervous and uncertain as the show's future.

The Lord of the Ring

Toro Magazine, October 2006
When pro wrestling decided to make its first big-budget movie, it was only natural that goldenboy grappler John Cena would play the hero. But does the new king of fake fighting have what it takes to follow the rock to the top of Hollywood?

Mind Games

Saturday Night, December 2004
Daniel Negreanu is playful, cunning and manipulative. He might also be the best poker player in the world.