Style Stories

Death to Dress Codes

Canadian Business, September 30, 2013
What does "dressy casual" really mean anyway?

Why Cotton is Cooler

Canadian Business, August, 12, 2013
Some say a good lightweight wool suit will work for all seasons. They're wrong.

How to Talk to Your Tailor

Canadian Business, May 13, 2013
And we don't mean "How's the Weather?" If you're dropping 5K on a bespoke suit, you need to know what you want – or you won't get it.

Why Can’t Men Wear Hats?

Canadian Business, March 18, 2013
All those fedoras and homburgs will never truly come back in style. But you should try wearing one anyway.

Dress Like it’s 1899

Canadian Business, February 18, 2013
The popularity of century-old American workwear brands isn't fleeting. The case for stocking up on clothing for life.

The Casual Friday Lie

Canadian Business, April 15, 2013
The irony of business casual is that it makes dressing for work so oppressive.

The Case for Giving Socks

Canadian Business, December 14, 2012
Our style expert weighs in on the lowliest gift of all – and proves it's what we always wanted in the first place.

How J. Crew Gets it Right

Canadian Business, October 29, 2012
The Ludlow suit is a shining example of how easy shopping can be.

The Case for $800 Shoes

Canadian Business, October 1, 2012
If the shoes and the company that made them were around 100 years ago, they're good enough.

The New Double-Breasted Suit

Canadian Business, November 26, 2012
Button your jiggers: The double-breasted suit is back.

Ones to Watch: London Fashion Week, September 23, 2010
Why London might just become the next global capital of men's fashion.

Where to Shop in Toronto

Details, May 2010
A visit to Toronto's finest menswear stores.

Jesus Walks

Nylon Guys, Summer 2009
Kanye West teams up with Louis Vuitton to create the sneaker of tomorrow, today.

Walk this Way

Nylon Guys, April 2009
Can you kick it? Meet 10 guys who have left indelible footprints on sneaker culture.

Have Suit, Will Travel

enRoute, December 2008
Clothes might not make the man, but a custom-made suit makes for a fuss-free business trip.

The Right Stripes

enRoute, September 2007
Wearing stripes on stripes on stripes can be risky business. Follow these simple rules to walk the line in style.

Death from a Brogue

Report On Business, June 2007
Nothing inspires dread in your foes – and jealousy in your friends – like a pair of Barker Black shoes.


Toro, March 2007
Looks you want. Tips you need. (Inaugural edition of Toro's style section.)